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VOL. 0, ISSUE 1 – Ghosts of the Ruin

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Short Stories

I Do Not Want To Be a Ghost  
by Alex Brown

What the Hurricane Took  
by Ann Dávila Cardinal

Status Update  
by Katharine Gripp

by Antonia Rachel Ward


Sharp / Abject  
by David Fey

by Andrew Hahn

The Ghost of Undoing  
by Kyle McHugh

Only When You’re High and Drunk  
by Elliot Thomas

Flash Fiction

Caring for Augusta House  
by Emily Behnke

Ghost Light  
by Georgia Cook

Montecito Drive  
by Ana Ellickson

The Return of the Bones  
by Amelia Gorman

Death and the Maiden  
by Christina Ladd

Puppet and Frederick  
by Marianne Murphy

The Gift  
by Emily Young

Special Features

Ghost Stories Written, Ghost Stories Lived (A Conversation with Nova Ren Suma)
by Emily Young

It’s Alive and It’s Gay:
Queering Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein
by Elizabeth Zarb