Current Issue

Current Issue

Vol. 2, Issue 1 – The Cosmic and The Void

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Short Stories

The Last Mariner of Port Kirney
by Stephanie Bruneau

Miss Tika’s Fates and Fortunes
by Katharine Gripp

by Jennifer Lee Rossman

A Precious Gift That We Must Not Destroy
by Mary G. Thompson


The Sound of a Void Collapsing. . .
by Taylor Jordan Pitts

Flash Fiction

The Faceless Princess
by Mathew Gostelow

by Lynne Inouye

Stardust to Stardust
by Jay Sykes

Special Feature

Minding The Gap: An Interview with L. S. Moore
with The Quiet Ones

The Fury of The Far Realm: An Introduction to Gozer
by David Fey