Announcing The Quiet Ones Annual

The Future: 2024 and Beyond

Change has come for The Quiet Ones!

When we began The Quiet Ones in the summer of 2021, we did so knowing that our model was not sustainable in the long term. Our primary focus was never so much on the business end of things, so much as it was (and remains) on producing a high-quality, accessible magazine that promotes emerging and diverse voices within the horror and dystopian markets. We never thought the response to our efforts would reach all around the globle, or be so overwhelmingly positive. Each issue of The Quiet Ones since its beginning has received more submissions than the one before it, and we hope to continue our wonderful, supportive community.

To that end, we’re making some changes to how we produce The Quiet Ones in 2024 and beyond. We have switched up our social media accounts and how we accept submissions, and we’ve adjusted our release schedule, officially making The Quiet Ones an annual magazine.

Please make sure you’re following our updated socials (below) to keep up-to-date with news of our next open call dates, special events, and more as we look on the road ahead. We’re so grateful to you, and we’re extremely proud of The Quiet Ones. We’re excited to keep it going.

UPDATE: July 5, 2024 – You may notice some broken links and images on the website during the next week or so. This is due to us migrating the site to a new host. Please be patient with us during this transition.

New Social Media Accounts


Our account on Twitter/X has been abandoned. We have exited the platform. Please follow us on Instagram at the link above.

We thank you for your continued support as we revamp and restyle our publication. We are confident that our new direction will help us grow and improve The Quiet Ones, and we look forward – together – to the journey ahead.